About Us

The Vision

Imagine a world where everyone can slip into the simplicity of being. Every individual, community and organisation has access to its own deep always available reservoirs of wisdom and compassion and lives in alignment with Essence. Imagine the possibilities that could emerge from consciously evoking that depth of being.

To inhabit, encourage and facilitate access to an inner space, stillness, knowing that is always present, is what we are committed to. Mindfulness, Compassion and Wisdom are both the field as well as the tools. Just Being envisions people, relationships, education, businesses and all aspects of human life to be deeply rooted in 'being'.

We seek to do so through:

Our various trainings that bring leading edge work in Mindfulness to therapists, counsellors and others in the field of mental health and in the community. Our services of psychotherapy and counselling. Our approach includes Mindfulness based interventions and integrates somatic, psychological and spiritual principles, practices and approaches.

Our community outreach programs in education, for families, organizations.

We also seek to develop contemplative learning and research into 'beingness' and making this the basis of inquiry.