Just Being Center

Just Being is an initiative that encourages 'beingness' or Presence using mindfulness as the base. From this place of 'beingness' we inquire into what it means to be fully alive, fully human and allow for action, individual and collective, to emerge.

Learning, living and serving based on the principles of mindfulness, compassion and wisdom is the central offering. We do so through our trainings, services and community outreach programs.

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Trainings are offered by experienced professionals to equip counsellors, psychotherapists and others related to the fields of mental health to bring an internal understanding and application of Mindfulness and Presence for themselves, in the therapeutic space and for clients.

  1. Presence Oriented Psychotherapy
  2. Mindfulness Based Counselling – Listening with Embodied Presence
  3. Other Trainings at the center
  4. Onsite Trainings
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Community Outreach

We offer programs with parents, families, children, schools, teachers, social organizations and corporate bodies to bring the practice of Mindfulness, Awareness, Compassion and Wisdom for themselves and within the families, groups, communities and organizations.

  1. Mindfulness in Families
  2. Mindfulness in Education Movement
  3. Mindfulness in Organisations
  4. Open House Workshops
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We offer counselling, psychotherapy, listening support, health and well being programs to people of all age groups and with all life situations.

  1. Counselling & Psychotherapy
  2. One on One Listening space
  3. Biodynamic Cranio Sacral Therapy
  4. Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy
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We offer listening circles and mindfulness practice circles to support and deepen connection to self and others.

  1. Mindfulness Practice
  2. Listening Circles
  3. Learning Circles
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Upcoming Events

March 8 9 and 10 in Delhi

Presence Oriented Psychotherapy intro sessions

March 8 9 and 10 in Delhi
March 16, March 17 and March 18th

New batch starting in August 2019

"Presence Oriented Psychotherapy"
A Non Dual Approach

Course dates : August 28 to September 1 & November 13 to 17

Begins January 2019

An Introduction to Presence Oriented
Psychotherapy Course

Begins August 2019

Mindfulness Based Counseling – Listening With Embodied Presence

Course dates : August 16 to 18, September 20 to 22, October 18 to 19
November 30 and December 1 (Online)
December 6 to 8


a. Mindfulness retreat for families (Summer)
31st May, 1st june, 2nd june

b. Mindfulness retreat for families (Winter)
20 to 22 December