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Mindfulness For Organizations

We bring mindfulness, deep listening and presence to organizations.

We work with educational institutions like schools and colleges, social development organizations and the corporate sector. We work systematically at three levels of transformation - individual, relational and collective.

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We work with various organisations towards building a culture of mindfulness


We work with the corporate sector in bringing Mindfulness, Deep Listening and Presence. We also provide Counseling services for employees. We seek to do long term work to bring about transformational change at the individual and collective level.

Social Development Sector

We work with social development organizations in deep listening, contemplative dialogue, mindfulness and presence and in having a lived expression of compassion both for self and the other. We especially work with organizations supporting children and empower the adults in providing the holding environment required for the natural growth of children.

Educational Institutions

Schools and Education is another area that we bring Mindfulness and Deep Listening and work with a whole school transformation process. We offer mindfulness programs for all stakeholders involved - teachers, staff, educational leadership, parents and children.


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