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A growing community of committed practitioners who inquire into 'beingness’, 'presence’ and what it means to live, learn and serve from this space.

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We offer leading edge trainings, programs and counseling services in Mindfulness & Presence

Counseling and Psychotherapy

We offer one-on-one counselling, psychotherapy and deep listening spaces for individuals and groups. Our approach is based on a Mindfulness and Presence Orientation and our team of counsellors use this approach in conjunction with many modalities such as cognitive therapy, somatic therapy, expressive arts.

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Our in-depth and comprehensive trainings are uniquely designed and delivered by our founder-director, Sandy Dias Andrade who brings her vast experience and training in many Mindfulness and Presence Oriented Approaches and in Deep Embodied Listening together under one roof.

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Professional Development

We provide opportunities for mental health professionals, educationists, NGOs and HR professionals to come together and explore perspectives, practices and applications in an experiential way and as a community.

Mindfulness & Presence Programs

Each of our Mindfulness Programs bring together relevant psychological processes alongside Mindfulness and Presence in an experiential manner. Aware that `not one size fits all’, our programs are modified and facilitated based on the needs of the organization, community or group.

Mindfulness & Presence Programs

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