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Mindfulness Offerings For Relationships at Just being Center

Listen to each other in silence

Develop relational mindfulness and presence in relationships

Deeply attuning and listening to each other from silence is the basis of Relational Mindfulness and Presence in relationship. Then we can truly see each other as we become attuned to being held in a larger field of love.

Offerings within this program


To be truly present to ourselves and our children. To listen deeply to what is needed in this unfolding now. These are questions we hold as we explore our own barriers and come into deeper joyful connections with our children through mindfulness and presence. The parenting programs are offered in-person and online in a variety of formats. We also offer an eight-week parenting course in Mindfulness & Deep Listening. As part of a research initiative by the Kaveri Group in association with Greater Good Science Center, Berkley University, California, Sandy conducted Mindfulness sessions for Parents in a year long project.


We offer Mindfulness retreats for couples over a weekend. These retreats offer a space for couples to discover themselves and their relationship with freshness. There is space for individual reflection, reflections as a couple as well as learning as a community.


Our residential Mindfulness Retreats for Families happen every year. Parents, children, teens and grandparents come together in a three day retreat over a weekend. Mindfulness is explored in age-appropriate ways for children and opportunities are created through art, music, nature-based explorations, for families to discover a new way of being.


In our mindfulness retreat for teenagers we explore common themes that emerge during these years and discover how we can meet and navigate challenges as we come to recognize our deeper selves and our true potential.

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