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Space for ongoing community learning

Space for ongoing community learning

We offer workshops and webinars as an ongoing learning for the community of mental health practitioners and those in the educational, social and community development and corporate sector in understanding perspectives, nuances, practices, applications in Mindfulness and Presence.

Upcoming Webinars

Trauma Informed Mindfulness from the lens of Presence

This residential workshop in Dehradun will focus on tailoring mindfulness practice to personal and collective histories, emphasizing trauma awareness and physiological support. Facilitated by Sandy Andrade, Psychotherapist & MBCT teacher with over 20 yrs of practice. Ideal for those offering Mindfulness practices to individuals or groups

The Art of Being (for therapists and in therapy)

The Art of Being Webinar series is meant for mental health professionals, counselors, psychologists, social workers. Open to all irrespective of already existing training or experience. While mostly we focus on knowledge and skills and 'what to do' in therapy, we rarely focus on the dimension of 'being'. The 'Art of Being' brings into focus this dimension along with the 'doing' through an exploration of Mindfulness, Compassion, Presence & Non-Dual Wisdom for the therapist and in therapy.

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