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An oasis in the middle of the city

Welcome to the Just Being space! The essence of Just Being isn’t confined to the limits of a physical space. Our intention is to have this essence of safety, trust, community holding, warmth and tenderness whether our programs are online or in-person. Here are some glimpses of our physical space in Pune where most of our trainings and workshops happen.

Some describe it as an oasis in the middle of the city. With a sense of old world charm, the center is located in the heart of Pune city in a stone faced building. You drop into a deep sense of rest as you enter the space that has sometimes a welcoming quiet and sometimes is bustling with the warmth of exchanges, deep conversations and genuine friendship over snacks or over books from the library. You just might be greeted by the cat who graces the space with her presence or the family of kites on a tree in the neighborhood.

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